Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Jane Egglestone





It was a massive shock to hear that ‘Jane Egg’ died today, after a short illness. I met Jane on the TGO Challenge about four years ago, and she has filled that time with wonderfully happy memories. She was warm, feisty, fun and had a sharp wit that would always bring me out in smiles. She was big-hearted and as good as you can get. I’m going to miss her. Raise your glass to this wonderful woman.

My thoughts go out to Jane’s friends and family.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Another mobile blog post

Readers can expect the occasional post using my blogging kit, as I need to get to grips with it. Hopefully with a little practice it will become easier, so that I'm not sat in Trinnie in the middle of sod all, scratching my head and wondering what I'm supposed to do.

Reflection of 3M Building

I made what I thought was a fairly safe resolution in the new year to walk a minimum of an hour an day up until the TGO Challenge in May. That all sounds simple enough, until you peek out of the window at the cold grey day outside and decide you'll make up the hour later in the week. (Repeat to fade...) Okay, I admit things slipped somewhat and in very short order I was five hours behind. Or fifteen miles.


More 3M Building

Anyway... having got a little behind (steady, Tiger!) I've been making more of an effort recently and have begun clawing back the lost hours.

Right now I am just forty five minutes behind schedule and I find myself surprised that my local patch has quite a few interesting walks, especially in crappy weather.

Why have I set myself this daft schedule? I blame Miss Whiplash. I'm on the phone to Phil quite a bit recently, only to find that the bounder is being whipped around Suffolk at impressively regular intervals - they did EIGHT miles the other day... It was bad enough floundering behind the newly lean Mr Walker on the last TGO Challenge, but Phil always had the decency to be as equally unfit and out of breath as me. And now all this is at risk.

We'll see how this new regime goes, but now I'm almost back to target I'll be attackng it with new zeal. As Miss Whiplash used to say, "You'll thank me for this in May"

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Testing another mobile blogging App: Bloggeroid

Right then. As you will have seen, I tried the Blogger App and was irritated that I could only post one image and it had to appear at the end of the post. That was no good at all! And on top of that Blogger's own App wouldn't allow me to justify text either.


That awfully nice man Stormin' Norman recommended an App to me today on FaceBook and from squinting at that I found another App that seems to have even better reviews - Bloggeroid. I had to have a very close look at this as from first glance it sounds like a product to fix your bottom. It seems I am still unable to L&R justify the text. Bum! (So that's how it got its name.)

Now, let's see if it will let me stick a picture below this bit of writing:

Note: All this has been prepared on my Samsung S4 Mini, my Nokia fold out keyboard and using pictures from my phone from today's saunter around Bracknell.

Now to try publishing it.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

TGO Challenge 2015: We have company

It will not have passed the brighter members of the congregation’s notice that Phil & I will not have the pleasure of Mr Walker’s excellent company on the TGO Challenge this year. In the past few years the blighter has lost eight stone in weight. For our American cousins, a stone is a quaint English measurement, comprising fourteen English pounds. (And that’s lbs, not £s.) Andy achieved the astonishing transformation from lard-arse to racing snake by consuming just twenty grains of rice & a small portion of lettuce, with prunes for pudding every day for three years.

To cut a long story short, the bounder now bounds up mountains, leaving Lord Elpus and I, who have perfectly honed southern-softy, couch potato physiques, floundering in his wake. Now he will be free to float along the terrifyingly vertiginous peaks whilst Phil and I will be plodding and ploughing our furrows through the gloopiest of Highland bogs known to man.

But this abandonment left our intrepid team with a problem; Neither Phil nor I are the sharpest navigators on the planet, so how were we to find our way across Scotland? Mr Walker tried to help by flogging Phil his satellite navigation device loaded with Her Majesty’s mapping. Well, it was a good idea, but as you will have gathered from Phil’s recent trip to the Pyrenees, it all came to naught. Fortunately Phil’s errant route-finding was corrected by his Brother-in-law, David, who steered our lost soul back onto the correct track.

It was all looking desperate for our duo, when all of a sudden, in one bound we were free!

Dave, Heptonstall Moor, Pennine Way Richard White, Foinaven & Loch Dionard
PHIL GOC2005 0052aA


We are now to be joined for our first four days by Dr White of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Richard is a chap who knows his way around the world. Indeed, he has already successfully steered me across Scotland in 1996 and 1998 and helped out heavily for a couple of stints on my LEJOG in 2007.

We are then to be left dangerously alone to find our way across the Monadh Liath and thence to the Cheese & Wine Party, which begs the question - Will we ever make it to our own party?

Fortunately my Brother Dave then collects us at Ballater to escort us over Mount Keen to Tarfside. For the last God-knows-how-many-years Dave has lived in Yorkshire and has successfully negotiated his way over Ilkley Moor without a whippet. This is the chap who gave me one of his kidneys, and so I am sure he is only coming along to ensure that I won’t die a horrible premature death alone on some terrible Scottish Mountain, after having gone to all the bother of saving my miserable skin once already.

So there we have it. We will not be alone. Two wonderful chaps will be guiding and nudging us to our destination. If you bump into this incredible pair this year, please buy them a pint. They’ll deserve it.